If you enjoy reading about old motorbikes, riding to distant places, occasional breakdowns and road-side maintenance told in a humorous, self deprecating style, you have come to the right place.
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During the spring of 2020, the whole world was hiding from the Covid-19 virus.


Long distance, multi-day adventures to distant places were out of the question. Provincial and international borders were closed, so riding had to be focused on places closer to home. Riding familiar roads and revisiting familiar places can be inspiring. Sometimes it's a good thing to look a little deeper into the places we normally race by.

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As a complete change from my normal motorcycle related works, here is a work of fiction. 

Archaeology, developers, 19th century settlers cabin, 16th century First Nations village, burials and............Ghosts? 


Can Steve Dawson and his team save the forest and Mary and Scunionsa's home before it gets plastered with tacky houses.....read on

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Moto Guzzi motorcycles, motorbike and hiking adventure travel  in Canada and the United Kingdom, archaeology, photographs etc.

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