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    Forty years is a long time to be away. Travelling on foot and by motorbike, Nick Adams discovers that while many things have changed, the things he loved; the hills, the pubs, the back roads and yes, even the weather, are undiminished.
    Join Nick as he hikes the length of Wales, hitting all the high spots. Then follow him up the spine of England on the Pennine Way, through brutal February weather. On his third trip, circumstances conspire against him. The original plan was to walk from Chepstow all the way to the Lake District. It didn’t quite work out that way. Lastly, follow Nick across the North York Moors at night, then on across the country to the Cumbria coast.
    As if the snow, rain and endless miles weren’t enough while hiking, jump on the back of a rented Royal Enfield motorbike and ride from Scotland to Devon via Norfolk, dodging hypothermia, then through the Lakes, the Pennines and Wales.
    Nick’s idea of a good time seems to involve bad weather, difficult terrain, stealth camping and innumerable pubs. This is one man’s view of a country he loves, told in a simple, engaging style. Come along for the ride.

147 pages, B/w        Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook

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