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During the spring of 2020, the whole world was hiding from the Covid-19 virus. In Ontario we did not experience the complete lock-downs which were enacted in parts of Europe, where people were required to stay in their homes with quarantines rigorously enforced by the police, so it was still possible to get out riding, as long as one was sensible and took appropriate precautions. Long distance, multi-day adventures to distant places were out of the question. Provincial and international borders were closed, so riding had to be focused on places closer to home. Riding familiar roads and revisiting familiar places can be inspiring. Sometimes it's a good thing to look a little deeper into the places we normally race by. Riding his usual crop of Moto Guzzi motorbikes and new steed from the far east, Nick heads out into the back country of eastern Ontario, finding new roads to travel and a new perspective on the places not far from his own back door.

In Paperback, Kindle or Audiobook formats

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