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     There are times when sitting on the couch in front of the TV seems infinitely preferable to rolling the motorbike out of the garage for a ride or putting the boots on to go for a hike, yet it’s rare that one regrets the effort.
     In this collection of motorcycling road trips, garage misadventures, bike reviews and reminiscences, I try to convey my joy of riding, even when things don’t always work out perfectly.
     Although long distance travel has been severely curtailed by the Covid epidemic, I still managed to squeeze in a few short trips, encountering some interesting roads (some might argue ‘unsuitable’ for the bikes I was riding) and intriguing situations along the way.
     As baby-boomers like myself get older and the median age of motorcyclists climbs ever higher, it’s easy to find the couch more appealing than the bike seat. But don’t let those aching joints and wasted muscles hold you back. Life is short. The time is now.
     Do it while you still can.

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