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The Panther M120 was the last in a line of single cylinder motorcycles made by the Phelon and Moore Company in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire . Considered rugged and powerful in their day, they were workhorses, most often found attached a huge sidecar. Fast and sexy they are not, but they have a charm and charisma that few motorcycles of any age can match.

As a teenager, Nick had two Panthers. His first big motorbikes. Being a careless youth he did not treat them well - a regret he has carried for over fifty years. But the interest and affection for those old, single-cylinder sloggers never left, and when the opportunity arose to acquire one later in life, he jumped at it. Would it live up to his memories and fulfil that desire to recapture some of his lost youth? Would it be suited to exploring the back roads of Canada? Would it ever be reliable enough to trust far from home? There was only one way to find out.

This is the story of one man's life-long affection for these big, fascinating motorbikes.

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185 pages, 50+ photographs, Paperback, Kindle or Audiobook

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