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USED 1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Parts

I'm doing my best to represent these parts accurately and price them fairly. If you have any questions or doubts, please ask.

850cc IRON-LINED cylinders with pistons

Sound, but will need work to be usuable. Slight dame to one upper fin.  Shipping will be expensive, so.......

$75 US + shipping for the pair

Police style left side 3 position ignition switch, bracket and bolt.  Switch appears to work perfectly with positive clicks to each position. The key fits, but looks fragile (I'd be looking to copy, or replace it based on this pattern). 

$60 US + shipping

Cylinder head oil feed line with banjo bolts. Decent, usuable condition.  

$20 US  + shipping

Carb Inlet Stubs. This is NOT a pair. As in the photograph, one has an external throat diameter of 34mm - the other 36mm. Moreover, they have a slightly different angle to the bend.  They were taken off the 74 Eldorado but are not original (the original bike had Amal carbs that some gorilla had welded to the stubs).  If one or both is of use to you.....

$20 US  each + shipping  or $35 for the mismatched pair

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