USED 1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado Parts

I'm doing my best to represent these parts accurately and price them fairly. If you have any questions or doubts, please ask.

The dash surround is sold. This video is of me running the speedo cable with an electric drill.

Police -style Speedo. Excellent working condition. Part of the gasket is visible below the glass    

$200 US + shipping

Generator belt cover- rough condition. This has been damaged in the past and has been aluminum welded. Sound, but slightly unsightly.

$35 US + shipping

Battery Tray. This tray is in sound but unslightly condition. Only surface rust. Will clean up well.

$35 US + shipping

Police style left side 3 position ignition switch, bracket and bolt.  Switch appears to work perfectly with positive clicks to each position. The key fits, but looks fragile (I'd be looking to copy, or replace it based on this pattern). 

$60 US + shipping

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